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I should have known then. A Story of yes.

Two days ago Taylor stepped down from his full time position as community minister at the church we have been at for almost a decade. Starting in two weeks we will be living as full time missionaries here in San Antonio and launching Wildfire Network- a non profit that calls, empowers and sends people out and teaches them to listen to the Spirit of God and obey His calling. I’m sorry, what did you ask? Oh am I scared? no. no. Not at all. Im shaking in my boots. But I should have known…

The day Taylor and I started dating he got down on one knee after a friendly walk together in Colorado and started praying “for the woman in front of me that will be my wife.”  He got up and asked me to walk through life with him. I didn’t know if he was proposing marriage or dating but either way I said yes. The day before he told me we were just friends. Apparently God spoke something other than that overnight and when God speaks to that man, he acts. (Good thing God had already prepared my heart to be madly in love with him). Taylor has never been accused of being lukewarm. I should have known then…

We were pregnant with our first, Abigael in Waco, Texas and working as youth ministers at a baptist church while I taught art and he finished up seminary. One night we both sat down on the couch together nervously to share what the Holy Spirit had been placing on our hearts separately. I think we are supposed to move to San Antonio. We said yes. So 2 months after she was born, we sold our house, made exactly enough to rent a uhaul and jump on I-35S. Without a job. I should have known then…

Two years later with 2 toddlers tugging on my jeans, I watched my husband walk into the door with pleated pants and a plaid button down. After some rough bumps in our family story and pain from past ministry experiences, he was now the director at the Assisted Living next door (also a miraculous God story) and while making rather good money for us, I saw slowly saw the passion and vision fading in his eyes. I told him that I thought it was time we prayed about jumping back into full time ministry. That very night we received a call from the new pastor of our local church- “I know this sounds crazy, but would you consider leaving your job and coming to be the full time youth and  facilities director?” We said yes. I should have known then…

Fast forward to 2014. Taylor was now the community minister and I had been painting Toms shoes for five years to supplement our income and work from home. I was taking classes to pursue a masters degree in art therapy- years of time and money we didn’t have, but all the doors were open. Except one night God asked me a question that changed it all- What if there was another way Ashley? What if you stopped putting me in a box and dreamed bigger than you could imagine- what would it start to look like? And Created was born. We used half of the savings we had been setting aside to build a worship art studio on the property and start up a non profit (artfullycreated.org). We said yes. I should have known then…

On August 24, 2015 I stood in the Created studio leading a prayer for the nations creative session when my first contraction started. My heart raced and my hands shook- but not because of the labor ahead. Because nine months prior I wrote down in my journal “Lord, I found out today I’m pregnant. But I think is going to be a different road- isn’t it?” Esther Rose came early the next morning. They placed her on my chest and she looked at me with the deepest blue eyes I’d ever seen. Our lives would no longer look the same, and I had no clue what I was doing, but we said yes. I should have known then…

Last year, two months before the summer Olympics our family of five sat down in the living room together to pray. Nowthat our family included a one year old with special needs, we weren’t sure if we should still answer the call He had clearly given us 4 years prior- “go to Rio and tell the nations about who I am”. After a few minutes of prayer we all knew. Even though we still had no idea what we were doing or where we were staying- we were buying tickets and getting on that plane. All five of us said yes. I should have known then…


In April of this year, Taylor got on a plane with his team members and flew to Florida for a conference. His first workshop was with a small group of people called the Underground who passionately teach and empower the hurting, the broken, the educated, the non educated- to love Jesus and step out and do what He is calling them to do. He called me on the second day, his voice near shouting with excitement. “Ash! I think I’m made for this! Everything in my spirit says YES!” And then I did. I did know. I knew that every moment, every opportunity He has given us along the way has been a new tool in our tool belt. Every time of stretching and faith building He has been reminding us of His faithfulness, His provision, and His leadership. It’s not that we hear God more or are just crazy (craziness debatable I acknowledge). But everytime God whispers in our ears we as His people have two choices- to respond in faith or tune Him out. I’ve found that tuning Him out seems to make Him louder anyways so taking leaps of faith tends to be the less treacherous option. He does not whisper to a select few, He has adventures prepared for every soul that is willing to say yes to Him.

“And we know that in all things He works for the good of those who are called according to His purposes.” -Romans 8:28

I should have known that saying yes changes things. Sometimes everything. Shakin in my boots Lord, but yes.

**If you want to know more about the crazy movement of God that we are saying “yes” to, check out www.wildfire.church or join us any Thursday night for Kindle service at our home 7-9pm. We would love to adventure with you and help you learn what your YES is.

4 Replies to “I should have known then. A Story of yes.”

  • Your story has always inspired me. You and Taylor had been such influential parts of my life. And I thank God every day that you two lead me during the toughest years of my life. No, Im still not perfect but who is? I’m praying for you all that your lives through this ministry are blessed. Thank you for being ambassadors of His love. Thank you for showing me and the rest of the world what the love of Christ really looks like.
    May god bless you and keep you in all of your days. And may his right hand be upon you in every endeavor.

    Love always, and in the warmest regards,

    Joe Sanchez

  • What a beautiful life the Lord has blessed you guys with!!! Your lives have touched so many around you, including myself, and I look forward to seeing even more incredible adventures the Lord chooses to give you too! Love you Rogers family!
    Courtney Danko ❤️

  • Good Bless your fabulous family. Can’t wait to see what miraculous things God has in store for all the blessed people you touch. Thanks for doing this! You all are amazing!!! Love and prayers. Dale

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